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How many bottles will I need for my wedding?

After having interviewed some experienced sommeliers, I will attempt to provide you with an answer. Please note that the consumption levels are indicative and will vary depending on weather conditions (if the temperatures are quite high you should make an upward adjustment to the numbers provided) and on the organization of your wedding (whether or not you include a preliminary champagne reception before the meal).

Let’s begin with champagne. The average consumption of an adult guest is 1.2 champagne glasses. A 75cl champagne bottle fills 7 champagne glasses. This translates into a factor of 0.18 bottles per guest. In other words, for 100 guests you’ll need at least 18 bottles containing 75cl (100 x 0.18).

The math gets a lot easier regarding the wine. The average adult guest consumes roughly 2.5 glasses (14.5cl) of wine. A 75cl bottle fills 5 wine glasses and represents what you’ll need for 2 guests. Consequently, all you have to do is divide the number of guests you are inviting by 2 to determine the number of bottles of wine that you’ll need. Here is an example: If you are expecting 100 guests you’ll need 50 bottles of wine.

You don’t have to buy your beverages from Sens des Saveurs. I wish you success in you endeavor to find the best deals and remain at your disposition for advice related to the type of wine which best suits your meal.


Chef Michael   .