Le kiosque flottant


Last October I enjoyed a lovely evening on a barge called « Le Kiosque Flottant » on the Seine river in Paris preparing a birthday meal for Cindy and her family and friends. The evening’s theme was globe-trotting. I prepared French, Italian, Mexican, Laotian, Japanese, Russian and American specialties with love and passion. The magnificent setting, the convival atmosphere and pleasant guests all contributed to a successful and memorable event.

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A convivial cooking class

A cooking class with friends is a way to share precious time together while learning and having fun. These young Portuguese mothers enjoyed an evening without their husbands and children. I enjoyed their hospitality, the convivial atmosphere and their efficiency in the kitchen.



This week I was asked to organise a cocktail for 60 personnes at the campus of the prestigious « Ecole Nationale de Sciences Géographique » in Champs-sur-Marne. One of my original homemade fingerfood recipes on the menu was a beetroot wrap with raspberry flavored houmous and spring onions. You can see other specialties for this type of event in the « Discovery » menu above.