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Finger food proposed in the « Discovery » package is an excellent variety of treats rich in color and flavor. Select an assortment of these fine delicacies to accomodate the event you are organizing. There are three categories of fingerfood : sweet & salty, salty and sweet. My fingerfood is a class apart from that of traditional caterers ; it is home-made with fresh quality ingredients and significantly heartier. This package allows you to discover a much wider vareity of flavors than is possible with a traditional meal. The following list is not exhaustive and can vary as a function of the season.

Sweet & Salty

Macaroons with foie gras filling

Mini-buns with smoked salmon, ginger, cinnamon, butter and honey

Creamed carrots with cocnut milk

Lime custard with cucumber


Foie gras on rye bread toast, crispy fried onions with balsamic cream

Salmon wraps

Smoked salmon filet, zucchini, wasabi coated sesame seeds

Basquaise vegetables, olive mousse, parmesan

Grilled aubergines, tomato caviar, mozzarella

Stuffed cherry tomatoes

Lentil salad (dried tomatoes, red onions, feta cheese, balsamic vinegar)

Parma ham/melon

Smoked duck breast / figs

Carpaccio : marinated, duck breast with pepper

Mozzarella with grilled sweet peppers

Shrimp, avacado, lettuce & cocktail sauce

Tuna fish sashimi with the chef’s special sauce and sesame seeds

Stuffed mushrooms

Batter fried aubergine, crushed tomatoes, parmesan

Fried Cod cake

Mini-hamburgers, chips and oinon dip

Mini buns with tuna fish salad

Mini buns rabbit terrine

Mini buns parma ham / artichoke purée

Bruschetta: italian style toasts with savoury spreads

Mini quiche (Ø4cm)   lorraine (bacon / cheese)

Mini quiche (Ø4cm)   artichokes/ blue cheese

Mini quiche (Ø4cm)   salmon / spinach

Mini quiche (Ø4cm)   duck confit / boletus mushrooms

Mini quiche (Ø4cm)   snow crab / tomatoes confit

Home-made olive spread ( black olives / almonds)

Onion pizza ‘Pissaladière’

Cream of brocoli

Cream of celeriac


Mini-éclair (orange/passion fruit)

Mini- éclair (maple/walnut)

Mini- éclair (chocolate)

Mini- éclair (coffee)


Blueberry tarts

Raspberry / orange tarts

Mini cupcakes (chocolate / almonds)

Mini cupcakes (‘carrot cake’)

Mini cupcakes (blueberries)

Meringues (mint / strawberry)


Wild strawberry Tiramisu

Toblerone mousse

Chestnut mousse / stewed apricots

Pana cotta

Cinnamon rolls

Sweet jasmine pudding

Apple Crumble with salted butter caramel

Fresh fruit salad

Fresh mangos, blueberries and raspberry coulis

Pineapple, coconut yoguhrt and dark chocolate chips

Poached pears, melted chocolate fondant, almond vermicelli, spiced biscuit

Ice cream (we propose a decorative ice cream stand :

3 flavors, cookies and toppings )

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Fine Gastronomy

Treat yourself to a memorable gastronomic experience, we propose a custom menu to best compliment your appetite. (Minimum 8 persons)

Below are a few examples  from which you can compose a 3 course meal starting at 38€ per person :
(1 starter, 1 main dish, 1 dessert)


  • Crêpe purse filled with aubergine purée served with sweet red pepper coulis and balsamic cream
    • Cream of mussels seasoned with saffron, celery, garlic, onions and white wine served with shrimp dumplings and turbot
    • Crispy roll filled with tuna and Provençale vegetables on a bed of green salad
    • Sautéed Foie gras on ryebread toast served with crispy onions and balsamic cream*

Main Dishes

  • Scallops with port wine sauce, basmati rice and julienne vegetables
    • Duck breast, vegetable patties, sauteed boletus and truffle sauce
    • Suckling pig with mango sauce, polenta and green bean bundles
    • Monkfish medallions with pistachio sauce, aubergines, minced tomatoes, glazed carrots & glazed turnips*


  • Raspberry/orange tart
    • ‘Tarte Tatin’ (French apple tart with puff pastry)
    • Toblerone milk chocolat biscuit cake
    • Tiramisu
    • Bluberry tart
    • Roasted pinapple with coconut cream
    • Cheesecake
    • Éclairs with maple/walnut cream*

* extra 5€ per person

Michael Kolafa – Private chef

Tel. 06 08 54 16 08 ou 0 950 640 522

gluten free breaded veal cutlet home catering Sens des Saveurs

Gluten free

If you have an allergy to gluten or if you are on a gluten free diet for another reason, I can offer you original 100% gluten free specialties.

Gluten-free cooking is a new offer  as I hope to share fine dining with everyone. My focus is on quality; that is why I am constantly testing new recipes and ingredients before I offer them to you.

The breaded veal cutlet with its mushroom sauce on this picture above is delicious. There is a large variety of fabulous gluten-free quiches: bacon/Swiss cheese, artichokes/blue cheese, duck/boletus mushrooms, salmon/spinach and snow crab/cherry tomatoes. For dessert you can enjoy lovely gluten free pies, gluten free cakes and other goodies. At present, I am working on new recipes to make new varieties of tasty gluten-free bread!

Michael Kolafa – Private Chef

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mariage traiteur buffet brunch sens des saveurs

‘Just Married’ Brunch

Take advantage and enjoy the company of family and friends before they return home on the day after your wedding at a special brunch with flexible service.

Instead of a traditional meal, the ‘Just Married Brunch’ can be specially concocted to your tastes and budget:

For a starting budget of only 4 euros per person offer your guests an assortment of small pastries, coffee, tea and orange juice. The brunch can also consist of a variety of ‘crêpes’ (thin French pancakes with ham and cheese or with marmalade/fruits/ chocolate for example) at an indicative price 9,50 euros per person.

You may also consider a buffet with eggs, bacon, sausage, American pancakes, French pastries, cupcakes or a barbecue.

Michael Kolafa – Private chef

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Barbecue américain spécialités américaines travers de porc poulet sauce barbecue maison hamburgers cheeseburgers traiteur chef artisan cuisinier domicile

Authentic American Barbecue

Authentic American barbecue starting at  19,- euros

Discover the pleasures of an authentic American barbecue:

  • Spare ribs, chicken with Michael’s one and only barbecue sauce: an original sweet, tangy and spicy sauce (top secret)
  • Baked potato with spring onion sauce
  • Corn on the cob
  • Green salade
  • Brownies and ice cream

Michael Kolafa – Private chef

Tel. 06 08 54 16 08 ou 0 950 640 522