Thank you Matthys!

I recently shared a very pleasant day with you, your charming parents, grand-parents, aunts, uncles and friends, some who made the trip all the way from Martinique to celebrate your baptism in Champs sur Marne.

The menu was composed of a tossed salad with apples and raspberries with a black currant/walnut oil dressing, stewed poultry with chanterelle mushroom sauce, baked zucchini with onions and emmental cheese and basmati rice. The final course was an assortment of desserts including a fruit salad, Toblerone mousse and a delicious fruit cake.

While I have never visited Martinique I am already acquainted with some of the island’s treasures:   la Liqueur « Interdite », rum , « vegetarian » peppers, the inhabitants…..

Once again thank you for this wonderful day.
Michael Kolafa

Private chef / Catering

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