Gluten free

If you have an allergy to gluten or if you are on a gluten free diet for another reason, I can offer you original 100% gluten free specialties.

Gluten-free cooking is a new offer  as I hope to share fine dining with everyone. My focus is on quality; that is why I am constantly testing new recipes and ingredients before I offer them to you.

The breaded veal cutlet with its mushroom sauce on this picture above is delicious. There is a large variety of fabulous gluten-free quiches: bacon/Swiss cheese, artichokes/blue cheese, duck/boletus mushrooms, salmon/spinach and snow crab/cherry tomatoes. For dessert you can enjoy lovely gluten free pies, gluten free cakes and other goodies. At present, I am working on new recipes to make new varieties of tasty gluten-free bread!

Michael Kolafa – Private Chef

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